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    Blaze Server 8.6 5x


    Blaze Server 8.6 5x

    Mensagem por Blaze em Qua 20 Jul 2011, 15:54

    New Ot Server
    -Exp: 5x
    -Skills: 15x
    -Ml: 8x
    -Loot: 1x
    *Free Premium Account
    *Account Manager: 1/1
    *Start at Level: 20
    *Protection Level: 30
    *Level to Create a Guild: 50
    *Level to Buy a House: 60
    *Command to Buy a House: alana res
    *Guild by command (!createguild; !joinguild)
    *Stamina System ON
    *Citzen System ON
    *Addons by Itens
    *Map Ravnica With:
    -5 cities:
    -Ravnica (Principal City)
    -Kamigawa (Snowy City)
    -Mirrodin (Desert City)
    -Dominaria (Volcane City)
    -Krosa (Jungle City)
    *Old and Custom Quests
    *Custom Bosses

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